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Lexus owners appreciate the luxurious experience the models deliver. Traveling around in a Lexus seems almost magical, but reality arrives when you open the hood. A Lexus requires routine maintenance to operate reliably and safely. Staying on top of the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual could extend the vehicle's lifespan. At Flow Lexus of Winston Salem, our service department offers many different routine maintenance specials for Advance and Clemmons drivers, including:

Oil Changes

An oil change might be the most routine service Lexus owners could request. Let's hope they request on time. Driving around with "old motor oil" in the engine could cause problems. Poorly lubricated parts may wear out far ahead of schedule.

With age and use, oil becomes "dirty" and doesn't perform as it otherwise could. Old oil might undermine fuel economy and cause other issues. And does the vehicle need a different viscosity to match the season, or is high-mileage motor oil suggested? Our technicians could give you their insights.

Brake Service

Keeping a close eye on the condition of a Lexus' brake supports better safety. The average Lexus owner usually doesn't have the knowledge or ability to inspect brakes, but most know the signs of trouble. Loud grinding or squeaking sounds when pressing a brake pedal or finding the brake pedal going to the floor are not good signs. Such issues warrant an inspection. Getting an inspection every six months seems wise even when things seem normal. Our service department could handle inspections, repairs, replacements, and other brake work. Don't put brake jobs off, as you want to stop your Lexus without troubles.

Tire Rotations and Service

Checking the brakes every six months could go hand-in-hand with a tire rotation. Switching the tires from the front and rear helps even the tread wear. Even treads support better handling and reduce the need to replace tires prematurely. Tire rotations also provide technicians a chance to thoroughly inspect the tires for any problems. Is there a leak or any blisters? A technician could find out.

Our dealership could meet requests for new tires, a spare tire replacement, or even a seasonal tire switch. We also perform basic visual checks if asked during an oil change.

Wheel Alignments

Who thinks about the angles on a Lexus' wheels? The manufacturer does, and wheels get set at precise angles. The angle setting helps with tire performance on the road. Minor bumps or impact could alter the angles and alignments. Allow our service team to set the angles back to the factory setting. Why undermine driving performance and allow the tires to suffer wear? Get a wheel alignment.

Battery Service

After three years, expect a battery to start to fail. Replace your Lexus' battery at our service department before problems arise. We could also perform battery power checks to make sure any battery isn't suffering from problems. Maybe the terminal and tray need cleaning. We perform total battery service work.

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacements

The rubber on windshield wiper blades wears out not only from use but from environmental exposure. When windshield wiper blades start to perform poorly, you need to change them.

Coolant Exchanges and Fluid Checks

Motor oil isn't the only fluid that requires changing. While other fluids may not require changes as frequently, replacing and exchanging the fluid becomes necessary at the suggested point. Coolant fluid can't do its job well when too old and full of impurities, so ask our team to exchange out the old fluid and put new fluid in the radiator.

Transmission, brake, differential, and power steering fluid require changes, too. We could make the changes for you.

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